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School Website

As a service to our customers we provide a low-budget website hosting and website designing. This is only for schools that are using our software, which is the reason why our hosting and designing is so cheap.

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Website Designing

Together with the website hosting we provide a designing service based on your requirements. From a set of templates and the content that you provide us, we create your website.

Any time during working hours you can update your website by contacting us or sending us emails with your new requirement.

We will maintain the website for your all you have to do is letting us know what you need posted.


Per year: Rs. 6,000/-

Hosting and Domainname

We provide a complete solution to host your own school website. In this package you will get the hosting with the domainname. This means you will get a website like: including the hosting of your website. You can use this and let your own developer design your website, or you can use the website designing software that is included in this packes.

Click and drag designing: No coding needed, just click and drag your own design. No limit to the number of pages and you can create contact forms, picture galleries, publish videos, etc.

Software integrated: We will also take care that the schoolportal will be included in your website.

Per year:Rs. 1,500/-