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Who can use it?

The software can only be ordered by schools in India.

The school can be a Primary School, Medium School, High School, Secondary School or College.

The school can be a government school or a private school.

The school can be part of any affiliation.

The school can be of any size, from 20 students onwards, the fee is per student.

The software is made in India and designed for Indian schools.
The services in the software are costumdesigned for the Indian schoolsystem. The mark system, the online fee payment, the sms-service, the financial administration all are specially designed for India.
The choice to make a software specifically for the Indian Schools has resulted in the ease in the way the software can be used.

From primary to college
The software is both highly costumizable and easy to use. Both of these aspects makes it possible to be used from primary school to college. Every aspect of these educational systems are added in the software.

Any affiliation
Every board of education has its own requirements. In the software we have added and will be adding in the future specific requirements for each type of affiliation.

Any size
The price of the software is no reason for any school to not purchase this product. Since the charges are per student the costs will be depending on the size of your school.