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Online School Data Management

{ It is more than just administration }

What will the software do

In a nutshell the software can do any administrative work in the school and much more, from student administration to financial administration, from result administration to fee administration, from printing reports to receiving online fees.

Main Features
Online Fee paymentThrough the online payment gateway, parents can pay the schoolfee through any device with internet and a debitcard/creditcard.
SMS Communication centreSchool sms can be send for only 16 paisa per sms to parents, teachers and even students. Also school will be given email options.
Printing moduleAnything that needs to be printed can be printed through the sophysticated printing module where you create your own dynamic printing pages. Reportcard, admitcard, personlized letters to parents etc.
SmartphoneBoth parents and teachers can access their part of the database through any phone with opera mini. No need of computer.
Tally friendly administrationAll financial administration can be done in this software. If necessary the data can be exported to tally.
Bus GPSWe provide devices to easily connect your bus with your database. Parents can check in their portal their childs bus and the administrator can check all the busses through our transportation application.
Auto AttendanceOur software has an unique attendance system for your school. Easily control the attendance administration from our software.
Many moreThere is too much to write down. You should experience it by yourself.

Users and their usage
The software can be used by many users with each their own password and their own access.

Financial overviewThe management will be able to see the Financial position of the school.
Student progress reportThe management will have insight in the progress of the students.
DaybookAlways on top off the daily income.
CommunicationContact the parents through email and sms.
CounterTwo-click counter to receive schoolfees and sell schoolproducts.
Admission counterAn easy to use admission counter to add new students and to reenroll old students.
Student AdministrationStudent data easy to access, easy to edit.
Class AdministrationFrom printing reportcard to arranging sections.
Academic entryCreate the academic year with their subject- and teacher- details.
SubjectTeacher can create examinations and enter marks of their subject through smartphone and computer.
ClassClass teacher will be make ready the reportcards.
ProfileUpdate their profile and password.
Fee paymentParents can pay their schoolfee through the online payment gateway.
Payment historyParents can see the payment history.
Student resultsView their childs resultcard.
ContactContact the school.
Holiday listCan see the most updated holidaylist.

The software can be accessed through a desktop, tablet, smartphone and any phone with internet and opera mini. The main administration software is created for a desktop with internet which has all the features for the full administration. The teachers and parents portal are mainly accessed through a smartphone or any phone with opera mini.
In the future we will add special osdm-app for teachers, parents and students.