How to start


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Online School Data Management

{ It is more than just administration }

How to start

We take pride in our software. That is why we will guide you through all the necessary steps to be able to use the software. From basic school profile data, to the student/fee/result/financial data we will be there to help you.

Not only that, as long as you are using our software there will always be a relationship manager ready to help you.

Go to the application page and enter your school profile data. Submit the application and we will get back to you with the next step.

Finalizing application
Before we can finalize the application we will need some little documentation before we can continue. Since there is an internet payment gateway and other services available in the software there are some legal matters to be cleared out. After that all that is left is the setup fee payment.

Database setup
Without data, there is no administration. So we will guide you through the process to enter the schooldata. You can upload studentdata or other data files and the software will enter it into the database. Our people will help you to make the database ready for use.

Using the software
Now we will help you to understand the software. Since there are so many applications for different people we have tutorials video's online for your employees and parents to help them use the software. Also embedded in the software is a chat function where our people will be ready to help you when needed.

Customer Service
We promise that as long as you are using the software there will always be someone ready to help you. Also the software will be finetuned and improved to be always up to date with the latest development.