How much it cost


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How much it cost

For the software we believe in making things simple. We do not offer complicated types of subscriptions for you to choose. We offer the full software for everyone for a very sharp price.

Price Table
*One time setup fee
(If not satisfied this will be returned in full.)
₹ 5000/-
*Per student Per month
(Will be charged as once in a year fee after three months of the new schoolsession)
₹ 3/-
*Usage of sms-service
(The sms service in the software can be used as desired. No hidden costs.)
₹ 0.16/- per SMS
(16 paisa) (*)
*Any future new added services
(The software will be constantly updating and new services will be added.)
Price will be given at the introduction of the service.
(*) Our SMS service is post-paid. Most online SMS services are pre-paid. You have to purchase a bulk amount of SMS which will lose validity in one year. For example: 1,00,000 sms will cost you 10 paisa per sms, but the actual usage for most schools is below 40,000 sms. Which means you are not paying 10 paisa, but 25 paisa per SMS.

Per Student Per Month
We want to make this software available for any size school. That is why we have introduced the ₹ 3/- per student per month subscription. Whether you have a school of a hundred students or a thousand students you will pay a fair price for this online software.

One time setup Fee
To help you to have full use of all the features in this software we will completely set up the database, ready to use with your data. For this we are asking a one time setup fee of ₹ 5000/-.
This fee will be returned in full if not continued with the software after three months of use.

Inside software special services
In the software there are extra services added, like an sms-service. This sms-service can be used at your own control to any phonenumber registered in your database, it can be turned on and off at all time. If used the school will be charged as per usage.
In the future while technology is developing we will be adding more services that can be helpfull to you. As always, you will be in control of all these services. See our product page for more information.