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Internet Payment Gateway for Schools

What if the parents of your school can pay their fees online. It will save you a lot of trouble. Parents no longer have to go to the feecounter, on the due date there will be no queue in your office, no cash to carry around. Parents just go to the website and pay the outstanding amount online.

Paying schoolfees online

Receiving Schoolfees through online payment.

That should be the dream of every schooladministrator. At the end of the day, just check the incoming fee payments online and know that it will be in your bankaccount.

There are quite some websites that provide this service. They provide a small application where you only have to upload your feeschedule and the parent details. Once that is done, parents can login and pay the fees and in the end it will come to your account.

But in the end does this make it easier for you?

Yes it is easier when it is done right. Because online payments as a seperate service will only give you more administration. And that is where most websites make a mistake. Fee administration is more then receiving the fees, it is part of your complete administartion.

Online school data management has added this service in their software. The software already has the student administration, the software already has the fee administration, the software already has a parent portal. No extra requirements are there, it is free and easy.

Parents can obtain a password through sms and login. They can access their portal to see the result data, holiday list and an extra option to pay their fees online. This means, you really don’t have to do anything extra, it is done all by itself.