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Offline or Online School Software?

The internet has taken over the world. And no longer is a website just a visitingcard for businesses, but is has become a place where we meet and do things. Even for schoolsoftware the internet has become an option. But what is better an online software or an offline software.

Offline Software

The traditional software is an application that is installed in the computer. Like Word or Excell we can open our file and work on it. In the same way software companies have been making software that is installed in one computer and can do the schooladministration. Some software have been developed as a network software, a server is installed in the school and several computers are working on the same database.

What are the pro’s What are the contra’s
  • The data is save in your computer
  • No worry about internet connection
  • Limited access (only one computer)
  • When computer crash chance that data is lost
  • High investement (both software and computers)
  • High maintenance (software company has to come to location)

Online Software

Online software is developing fast. Like google docs we can edit word documents from our browser only. In the same way School Software can run from the browser and do everything that offline software also can do, but even more.

What are the pro’s What are the contra’s
  • Software can be accessed by everyone (each one their own portal)
  • Online features like sms, gps, teacher and parent portal can be included
  • The software is flexible and will update automatically
  • The software is lowcost since all you need is a computer with internet
  • No worry about crashing computers
  • The school is live on the internet
  • This will be the future, google and microsoft are working hard on software that only works with internet
  • You need an internet connection

We think the choice is easy and the future is online software. That is why we have chosen to develop an online software rather then the traditional offline software. But it’s your choice. See our software by clicking on the links at the top of this page.