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Bus gps advised for schools

In the news we have heard that the government has advised schools to put gps in the schoolbus. The reason is safety. In this way you can check where the bus has been or is going.

Times of India Article about the GPS in schoolbuses

Besides this main important reason, there can be many other reasons for GPS in the schoolbus. As school you need to know, who is in which bus, when will the bus arrive at the pickup point, which fee the student has to pay. Our software already has these options.

  • The student is linked with the right bus and with the right busfee. So while paying the schoolfee the computer knows which busfee needs to be paid.
  • Parents can receive sms when the bus is near the drop/pickup point.
  • The student can be easily transferred to another bus.
  • The administrator and the parents can follow their bus from their computer or smartphone in realtime.
  • And many other options.gpsbus