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School Routine Creator

It is a headache for every school to create class routines and teacher routines. Every year again complains and clashes. If this work can be done by a computer, I am sure it will bring a smile to your face.

Of course there are already software’s developed to tackle this problem. You have to enter all the details, like subject teacher, class teacher, how many periods, conditions, etc. Then the software will create the routines for you. Easy.

OSDM School Routine Creator

OSDM School Routine Creator

So to launch a new Routine Creator there must be something better or extra. And we do provide that.

This application is flexible, it is auto-create, semi-auto-create or completely manual with calculated solutions in one.

Inside the creator you can change the subject teacher and change the periods per subject. By clicking auto create the software will put all subjects into place. If you want more control, by clicking on the green arrow the software will put that particular subject in the available time slots. If you want full control, you can drag the subjects into place and the software give solutions if there are problems.

But that is not all, our routine creator is not a stand alone software, it is part of a complete software for everything in the school. You can look through our website and will find that almost everything in the school is touched by our software. (online fee payment, sms service, bus gps, result administration, printing designing, parent portal, teacher portal)

So the setup is integrated, the subject teacher is not just used for the routine creator but also for the teacher portal and result entry. The routine will be automatically shown in the online teacher portal and parent portal.

Just look at our video and be convinced.

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