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Online school SMS service

Online school SMS services for the Indian market are growing and growing. Due to the easy implementation of resellers many websites are offering schools to send mass SMS. A quick search gives many different websites of website developers who offer this service.

And these are just some examples of the thousands of websites that offer School SMS service. And all are good in what they do. You can easily upload excel sheets with phonenumbers, use their templates to send special sms like holiday, exams and many others. And if that is what you want then the only problem is the choice.

Because all these services are about the same and also the prices do not vary much. Most websites are between 15 to 30 paisa per sms depending how much you buy in advance. It is that easy.

But if you want to advance in your school administration there must be another way of doing this. And that is exactly what our software is doing. The sms service is included in our software.

Without transfering phonenumbers, without having to buy packages in advance, with our simple application you can send a sms to any parent, student or teacher.

But that is not all, there is a lot more in our software that your school needs. Check out our website:

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