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The administration of the school is one of the most difficult jobs in the school. Because there is not just fee administration, there is student administration, financial administration, result administration, class administration and so on. And all these individual parts are then also connected with each other.

Some administrators have tried to use a software like the windows access to solve their problem. But soon they will find out that there are so many connections that it is impossible to keep a clean database. It becomes difficult to work with and only the one who designed it knows what to do.

Then there are also many aids to help the school administration. Like there is a sms sending website. Feecounter software. Result data printing software. But with all these options the administration does not become easier. Because for each of these application you need to provide again studentlists and other data.

Wouldn’t it be better if all this comes together in one software. A software that easily sends SMS by selecting the class or student. A software that can print full financial reports without manually adding the fee collections. A software that gives access to parents and teachers to have their own input in the software. A software does things for you.

Look around on our website and find that our software incorperates all aspects of the school administration.

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