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School Routine Creator

It is a headache for every school to create class routines and teacher routines. Every year again complains and clashes. If this work can be done by a computer, I am sure it will bring a smile to your face.

Of course there are already software’s developed to tackle this problem. You have to enter all the details, like subject teacher, class teacher, how many periods, conditions, etc. Then the software will create the routines for you. Easy.

OSDM School Routine Creator

OSDM School Routine Creator

So to launch a new Routine Creator there must be something better or extra. And we do provide that.

This application is flexible, it is auto-create, semi-auto-create or completely manual with calculated solutions in one.

Inside the creator you can change the subject teacher and change the periods per subject. By clicking auto create the software will put all subjects into place. If you want more control, by clicking on the green arrow the software will put that particular subject in the available time slots. If you want full control, you can drag the subjects into place and the software give solutions if there are problems.

But that is not all, our routine creator is not a stand alone software, it is part of a complete software for everything in the school. You can look through our website and will find that almost everything in the school is touched by our software. (online fee payment, sms service, bus gps, result administration, printing designing, parent portal, teacher portal)

So the setup is integrated, the subject teacher is not just used for the routine creator but also for the teacher portal and result entry. The routine will be automatically shown in the online teacher portal and parent portal.

Just look at our video and be convinced.

Bus gps advised for schools

In the news we have heard that the government has advised schools to put gps in the schoolbus. The reason is safety. In this way you can check where the bus has been or is going.

Times of India Article about the GPS in schoolbuses

Besides this main important reason, there can be many other reasons for GPS in the schoolbus. As school you need to know, who is in which bus, when will the bus arrive at the pickup point, which fee the student has to pay. Our software already has these options.

  • The student is linked with the right bus and with the right busfee. So while paying the schoolfee the computer knows which busfee needs to be paid.
  • Parents can receive sms when the bus is near the drop/pickup point.
  • The student can be easily transferred to another bus.
  • The administrator and the parents can follow their bus from their computer or smartphone in realtime.
  • And many other options.gpsbus

Internet Payment Gateway for Schools

What if the parents of your school can pay their fees online. It will save you a lot of trouble. Parents no longer have to go to the feecounter, on the due date there will be no queue in your office, no cash to carry around. Parents just go to the website and pay the outstanding amount online.

Paying schoolfees online

Receiving Schoolfees through online payment.

That should be the dream of every schooladministrator. At the end of the day, just check the incoming fee payments online and know that it will be in your bankaccount.

There are quite some websites that provide this service. They provide a small application where you only have to upload your feeschedule and the parent details. Once that is done, parents can login and pay the fees and in the end it will come to your account.

But in the end does this make it easier for you?

Yes it is easier when it is done right. Because online payments as a seperate service will only give you more administration. And that is where most websites make a mistake. Fee administration is more then receiving the fees, it is part of your complete administartion.

Online school data management has added this service in their software. The software already has the student administration, the software already has the fee administration, the software already has a parent portal. No extra requirements are there, it is free and easy.

Parents can obtain a password through sms and login. They can access their portal to see the result data, holiday list and an extra option to pay their fees online. This means, you really don’t have to do anything extra, it is done all by itself.


Offline or Online School Software?

The internet has taken over the world. And no longer is a website just a visitingcard for businesses, but is has become a place where we meet and do things. Even for schoolsoftware the internet has become an option. But what is better an online software or an offline software.

Offline Software

The traditional software is an application that is installed in the computer. Like Word or Excell we can open our file and work on it. In the same way software companies have been making software that is installed in one computer and can do the schooladministration. Some software have been developed as a network software, a server is installed in the school and several computers are working on the same database.

What are the pro’s What are the contra’s
  • The data is save in your computer
  • No worry about internet connection
  • Limited access (only one computer)
  • When computer crash chance that data is lost
  • High investement (both software and computers)
  • High maintenance (software company has to come to location)

Online Software

Online software is developing fast. Like google docs we can edit word documents from our browser only. In the same way School Software can run from the browser and do everything that offline software also can do, but even more.

What are the pro’s What are the contra’s
  • Software can be accessed by everyone (each one their own portal)
  • Online features like sms, gps, teacher and parent portal can be included
  • The software is flexible and will update automatically
  • The software is lowcost since all you need is a computer with internet
  • No worry about crashing computers
  • The school is live on the internet
  • This will be the future, google and microsoft are working hard on software that only works with internet
  • You need an internet connection

We think the choice is easy and the future is online software. That is why we have chosen to develop an online software rather then the traditional offline software. But it’s your choice. See our software by clicking on the links at the top of this page.

Online school SMS service

Online school SMS services for the Indian market are growing and growing. Due to the easy implementation of resellers many websites are offering schools to send mass SMS. A quick search gives many different websites of website developers who offer this service.

And these are just some examples of the thousands of websites that offer School SMS service. And all are good in what they do. You can easily upload excel sheets with phonenumbers, use their templates to send special sms like holiday, exams and many others. And if that is what you want then the only problem is the choice.

Because all these services are about the same and also the prices do not vary much. Most websites are between 15 to 30 paisa per sms depending how much you buy in advance. It is that easy.

But if you want to advance in your school administration there must be another way of doing this. And that is exactly what our software is doing. The sms service is included in our software.

Without transfering phonenumbers, without having to buy packages in advance, with our simple application you can send a sms to any parent, student or teacher.

But that is not all, there is a lot more in our software that your school needs. Check out our website:

A video tour of our software

One of our employees has made a wonderful video of our school software. Just in 2 minutes some of the basic features are being shown. Enjoy the video.

A blog about school software

The administration of the school is one of the most difficult jobs in the school. Because there is not just fee administration, there is student administration, financial administration, result administration, class administration and so on. And all these individual parts are then also connected with each other.

Some administrators have tried to use a software like the windows access to solve their problem. But soon they will find out that there are so many connections that it is impossible to keep a clean database. It becomes difficult to work with and only the one who designed it knows what to do.

Then there are also many aids to help the school administration. Like there is a sms sending website. Feecounter software. Result data printing software. But with all these options the administration does not become easier. Because for each of these application you need to provide again studentlists and other data.

Wouldn’t it be better if all this comes together in one software. A software that easily sends SMS by selecting the class or student. A software that can print full financial reports without manually adding the fee collections. A software that gives access to parents and teachers to have their own input in the software. A software does things for you.

Look around on our website and find that our software incorperates all aspects of the school administration.