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{ It is more than just administration }


We are an Indian company started in the year 2014. After developing a simple to use School Software for a local school other schools requested for the same software. After working on the software for more then 1 year continously we have decided to make the software available for all schools and many schools have joined.




Combining two worlds

Being born in The Netherlands but living in India I have sought to combine these worlds together. The Indian schoolsystem and the Dutch administration software in one packet. Because of this I have started together with my wife a proprietorship Online School Data Management (OSDM). In this company I want to sell the software which I have made to schools in India.


Currently I am living in India together with my wife and children. Besides social work I am developing this software so that we can launch it this year (2014) for any school in India to use.


I believe that to really live in India we must integrate into the society. And what better way is there to integrate then to do business and be part of the Indian education system.


I hope this software will be usefull to as many schools in India as possible.