FAQ for people who think about buying

You are thinking of buying the newest School Software. Here we try to answer many question that you might have.

I just purchased a new school software, what should I do?
We are willing to look for compensation if you choose to work with our software and your software is purchased less then one year ago.
In this case it is good to look at the features of both software. Since most software are installed in one computer, our software has many advantages. It works online on any computer. It is always up to date with the latest software. It can receive online payment without any extra work. It will never expire. It can be used with a smartphone by teachers, students and parents. And these are only some of the advantages of our software. To know more features look in 'What it can do' section.

How can I use the online fee payment?
Since the online fee payment is included in the software there is nothing you have to do. Once the student data and the fee data is entered parents who have given their emailadress and phonenumber to the school can login and do online payment. This payment will be forwarded to the school in the registered bankaccount or by check.

Can I use old data?
In the software you can download and upload csv-files (created with Excel) of your old data. This data will be transfered into the schooldatabase and ready to use.

Where to apply?
To start working with our software you don't have to visit any of our offices. Since it works online you can apply online. After you have applied, your database is automatically generated and you can start using it. We will though contact you and guide you to make it a success. And if necessary we will visit your school to help with any problem.

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